Verifit Club | Strength Training & Fitness
Verifit Club | Strength Training & Fitness

Welcome to VeriFit Club Fitness, where we focus on personal & group training through a series of high intensity workouts scaled to fit your ability and fitness level. With goal oriented full body training, nutritional counseling and meal planning, we are able to design a custom program that guarantees results.

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Our mission is to train and inspire through physical fitness, nutritional counseling, and one on one coaching, while breaking thru the barriers that confine us.  Adversity and struggles are inevitable, but what’s important is how we overcome and work through them.

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Get in where you Fit in!

VeriFit Strong 

Strength and Resistance Training through the use of Kettlebells, Club Bells and Body Weight exercises.

The Furnace 2.0

Endurance built through HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training.

Fit Fight

Boxing, Flow, and Club Bells.

Power Fit Flow  

Movement and strength through a series of athletic fluid movements.

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At VeriFit, we focus on a combination of strength training and cardio through the use of Kettlebells, boxing & body weight.


Owner & Lead Trainer of the VeriFit Club

“Adversity and struggles are inevitable, but what’s important is how we overcome and work through them.”

Keith has been a fitness expert and wellness coach for over 21 years motivating and inspiring people throughout the country. He has worked with national fitness associations including, IDEA, Schwinn Cycling, Crunch Fitness, Club Med and Nike. His areas of fitness expertise range from teaching group fitness to personal training, to health and wellness conventions across the USA.


Begin your life transformation with a Free Training Session, created to assess the current condition of your body to ensure that VeriFit Club is the right fit for you. The Session includes: health and training history, past injuries, specific goals in mind, an evaluation of range of motion and flexibility with the FMS (Functional Movment Screen).

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Our 21 Day Fitness Challenge and/or Basic Strength & Fitness Training...


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